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New SEO Tools

Google vs Yahoo Graph

Graphic display of top 50 in Google & Yahoo linked.

Keyword Density Analyzer

Enter URL, determines density of 1, 2, and 3 word phrases

Multi DC PageRank Checker

Check PR values across all Google datacenters.

Retrieve SERPs

Google datacenter SERP checker.

Alexa Tools

Alexa Page Ranking

Cut & Paste or browse file for domain list - Displays Alexa Ranking. Good for checking large number of domains.

Backlink Tools

Backlink Check Tool

Shows anchor text for your sites backlinks.

Code Validation

Atom & RSS Feed Validator

RSS feeds validator

W3C Markup Validation Service

Official W3C compliance validator

Combined Keyword Suggestion Tools

Combine WordsM

Combine words script for PPC systems.

Combo Search Engine Ranking Tools

Search Engine Placement Check

Enter URL/Keyword - Displays top 30 for 11 Search Engines.

Search Engine Position Checker

Enter URL/Keyword - Displays top 50 for 9 Search Engines.

Search Engine Positioning

Enter URL/Keyword - Displays top 100 for 5 Search Engines

Search Engine Ranking Report

Input key phrase list & get Google & Yahoo Rankings

Compare Search Engine Ranking Tools

Dogpile Search Comparison

Shows top results from 3 search engine.

Google vs Yahoo Graph

Graphic display of top 50 in Google & Yahoo linked.

Google-Yahoo-Ask Search

Combines search results from Google, Yahoo! & Ask Jeeves.

Myriad Search

Meta search engine that combines Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves.

Search Results Compared

Google, Yahoo, MSN results in one search

Thumbshots Ranking

Based off the Langreiter tool but lets you compare 6 different Search Engine Results with each other.

Yahoo vs Google

Langreiter - Graphic Compare of Google & Yahoo top 100 results.

Yahoo-Google Search

Shows top 100 Yahoo/Google results together

Domain Tools

Bad Neighborhood Checker

Checks if you're linking to bad neighborhoods

Browser Screen Resolution Checker

Check what you Website looks like in different

C Class Backlink Analyzer Tool

Class C Checker

Class C IP range checker

Class C Range Checker

Unique Class C IP Checker - Cut & Paste or load up a file.

DNS Report

Checks your domain and does email test.

Domain Age Tool

Determines the age of the domains entered.

Domain Dossier

IP to host, host to ip, traceroute, whois zone file. Hot Tool!

Domain Stats Tool

Enter domain and getdomain age, number of pages indexed, and number of backlinks.

Free Site Monitor

Server monitor and alert service

HTML Header Viewer

Shows HTTP headers the web server is sending.

HTTP / HTTPS Header Check

Allow you to inspect the HTTP headers that the web server returns when requesting a URL.

IP Address Report

Bulk class C IP address checker.

Reciprocal Link Checker

Checks if the partners still link back

Redirects And HTTP Headers Checker

Checks for redirects on a domain

Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker

Enter URL - Check your redirect to see if it is SE friendly

What Is My IP Address

Shows the IP of your computer or routers.

Exchange Link SEO Tools

Free Broken Link Checker

Tests all links site wide and reports any broken links.

One Way Link Verify

Track your one-way links - Shows status and PR.

Online Free Reciprocal Link Checker

Enter links - Reports back which ones are up, down or unreachable.

Site Link Analyzer

Lists internal and external links for input URL.

Google Ranking Tools

Advanced Google Search Methods

Enter domain/keyword and do different Google searches like site etc.

Google Datacenter Watch Tool

Shows the differnet Ranking results for different datacenters.

Google One Line Results

Google displays each results as one-liners with anchor text the title.

Google Rank Position

Shows Google rank position, PR, number of entries indexed, DMOZ and Google Dir status.

Google Rankings

Enter URL/Keyword - Searches the first 1000 entries.

Retrieve SERPs

Google datacenter SERP checker.

Google Sitemap Tools

Online XML Sitemaps Generator

A free online Google XML Sitemaps Generator

Internet Bookmarking

Del.icio.us - Social Bookmarker

Social bookmarking

Your Personal Web File

Social bookmarking

Keyword Suggestion Tools

Free Keyword Search Tool

Displays keyword data using Wordtracker and Google search results.

Free Meta Keywords Tool

Reads meta keywords and hotlinks them to 3 keyword mining tools.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Keyword tool from Google that provides Specific and Similar keywords.

Google Keyword Suggestions

Queries Google for related relevant and popular terms.

Google Suggest

Google keyword completions when searching.

Keyword Generator

Keyword searches from Espotting Media's (UK) PPC database.

Keyword Popularity Tool

Search Overture & WordTrackers database - Mines these terms with dictionary, thesaurus etc.

Keyword Research Tool

Tool returns similar keywords found in the meta keywords of sites searched by your choice of 9 search engines.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword searches from Overture and Wordtracker

Search Term Research

Searches Overture data for 16 countries and more.

Search Term Suggestion Tool

Shows keywords and frequency searched on Overture

Website Keyword Suggestions

Provides keyword suggestions along and keyword traffic estimates for the entered website.

Keyword Tools

GoogleDuel Original

Compares the popularity of two words - Good for checking Plural/Singlar.

Keyword Density

Enter URL - Generators keyword phrases from your webpage and displays density.

Keyword Density Analyzer

Enter URL - Displays 1, 2, and 3 word combinations.

Ontology Finder

Provides synonymous terms to keywords - Use these in your webpage text.

Link Popularity Tools

Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer

Blacklink analyzer that shows URL and anchor text.

Link Appeal

Enter URL - Rates for link appeal.

Link Popularity & Site Analysis Tool

Shows links/pages for Google/Yahoo/MSN/Ask/Alexa

Link Popularity Checker

Lists inbound links from 7 search engines & provides history.

Link Popularity Tool

Statistics regarding a site popularity

Link Quality Assessment

Shows IBLs, dir.yahoo, DMOZ, EDU, & GOV links.

Report Bot

Checks Links on 5 Search Engines, PR, Alexa Ranking, DMOZ.

Uptime Bot

Off-page (popularity) stats

Misc Tools

Adsense Ad Display

Input URL shows AdSense Ads for that web page.

Check Yahoo WebRank

Allows you to check the Yahoo WebRank of up to 5 URLs at a time.

Domain Directory Checker

See if your domain appears in 10 Internet Directory's.

Search Engine Index Checker

Enter URL - Shows number of pages for 5 Search Engines.

Site Wide Cache Check

Checks for cached pages and provides cache date.

URL Rewriting Tool

Creates Mod-Rewrite rules to convert dynamic URLs to static looking URLs.

URL Trends

Full page popularity stats

MSN Ranking Tools

MSN Position Search

MSN Search for up to 15 keywords on one domain.

MSN Rankings

MSN Beta Rankings - Search Engine Rankings.

Page Rank Tools

Datacenter Quick Check

Checks datacenters for BL, PR and Ranking.

Future PageRank Tool

View PR during updates on 18 data-centers one screen one search.

Page Rank Tool

Shows PR on the differnet Google datacenters.

Pay Per Click Tools

CPM and CPC ROI Calculators

CPM and CPC return on investment calculators.

Overture Bid Amounts

Overture bid amounts for keywords

Related Page Rank Tools

Backlink Checker

nput webpage - Returns number of inbound links for each PR position.

Google PageRank Calculator

Input keyword - Shows PR and Backlinks.

Google PageRank Prediction

Looks at your URL and predicts PR

Google PageRank Report

Cut & Paste - Shows PR for unlimited sites.

Multi DC PageRank Checker

Check PR values across all Google datacenters.

Page Rank Grid Calculator

Construct the relationship of your website pages & calculate PR.

Page Rank Search

Google search results with PR bar and inbound links.

Pagerank Calculator

Mark Horrell's Pagerank Calculator

PageRank Lookup

Cut & Paste - Shows PR of up to 100 URLs.

PageRank Search Prog

Displays Google by pagerank - IMPROVED Prog Tool.

Robots.txt Tools

Robots.txt Generator

Creates simple robots.txt file.

Robots.txt Syntax Checker

Checks your robots.txt file for errors.

Search Engine Position Tools

Cool SEO Tool

G/Y/M/A ranking, pages, backlinks, allinanchor, & domain age.

McDar Keyword Analysis Tool

Enter URL/Keyword - Displays PR/Backlinks/Pages for top 10.

Page Report

Shows pages, BL, PR, unique domains etc.

Pages Indexed Backlinks Domain Pagerank Allinanchor Keyword Density Tool

Shows pages, BL, PR, Allinanchor, keyword density, etc.


Tracks Ranking movement on Google for 1000 keywords.

Text Link Ad Value Tools

Keyword Difficulty Tool

Rates difficulty of ranking on Google for key phrase.

Link Price Calculator

Show value of text link ad.

Link Value

Calculates link value per month rental.


Google Toolbar For Firefox

Download File - Toolbar displays PageRank has Google Search.

Google Toolbar For IE

Download File - Toolbar displays PageRank has Google Search.

Mozdev GoogleBar

Download Files - DL the Mozdev Googlebar and add the PR bar for both Mozilla and Firefox.

PR Toolbar Widget For Macintosh

Download File - PR Toolbar Widget for Macintosh.

Search MSN Toolbar

Download File - Toolbar for Beta MSN Search.

Yahoo Toolbar For Firefox

Download file - Toolbar for Yahoo Search.

Yahoo Toolbar For IE

Download file - Toolbar for Yahoo Search.

Track Ranking Tools

Check Rankings

Graph view of Google rankings for keywords.

Web Site Optimization Tools

Advanced Meta Tag Generator

Sophisticated meta tag generator.


Shows information lots of information for your site.

Code to Text Calculator

Enter URLs - Calculates Code to Text Ratio.


Searches for copies of your page on the Web.

Google Banned Tool

Shows if you are in the Google index.

Meta Tag Generator

Enter meta info - Creates meta tag code.

Meta Tag Generator

Creates meta tags for 9 tags.

Poodle Predictor

Use in Diagnostics View to see order of spidered text.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

Enter URL - Displays page content minus code.

Search Engine Spiders

Spiders your page and shows what the spider sees.

Similar Page Checker

Enter URLs - Compares pages for similar content.

Watchfire WebXACT

Checks over your web page for things to numerous to note.

Web Page Analyzer

Enter URL/Keyword - Checks copy for optimization.

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